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Wild Camping, And Why Yorkshire Is A Park Up Paradise

When you’re living the vanlife, home can be wherever you want it to be. So this week, we’ve driven up into the heart of the North York Moors to be at one with nature, or rather to get away from the sounds of cars and to celebrate Roses birthday in a pretty unique wild camping setting. Spring is in the air, which means that the sun should be shining, right?

Wrong, in fact you couldn’t be more wrong if you wore a hat on your head that had the phrase “Im the wrongest” written on it. We’ve had snow and rain ever since we got here, but you won’t hear us complaining (and not only because the  rain was so loud).

Wild Camping, And Why Yorkshire Is A Park Up Paradise

They say that theres no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Luckily for us, we came prepared with more waterproofs than you can shake a stick at, and we were more than ready to take to the York Moors. This has to be the quietest place that we’ve ever parked up, and the wildlife certainly proves that not many people come up this way. What we lacked in sunshine, we made up in sightings of grouse and deer, and more than a few other little feathered friends whose names i’m not qualified to write about (mostly because I don’t know their names).

The first thing that hits you when you when you're wild camping in the wilderness is a sense of absolute nothing. Ok, it's hard for 'nothing' to hit you (unless you're the guy from fight club and you're fighting an imaginary person - sorry, spoiler alert), but we were amazed at just how quiet everything was. The birds seem much more musical out here than in the cities (they had a band and everything), and the trees just seem to go on for miles. It's hard to believe that we've had this so close for so long but never ventured out to find it.

The Return Of The Beast From The East

It tried to cause panic once again, but this time the Beast From The East was no match for our Vincent. Stocked up with coal, we bedded down for the night and waited out the storm. To be honest, we enjoyed not being able to go anywhere. It might sound mad, but being stuck in the snow for a day or so meant that we could properly explore our surroundings, and It was a good excuse to binge watch a bit of netflix too (wild camping still comes with those all important home comforts!).

Once again, the coal fire came to our rescue. It’s always hard to dry off your clothes in a cold country, but with a coal fire you can have toasty socks again in no time (especially when I tried to dry one off in the fire and dropped it onto the coals. Rose now has one pair of socks with a cool looking burn mark on them - I think she’s secretly happy that I did it)

Is there a point to this blog..?

Yes, and I’m coming to it! We both feel so lucky to have such amazing settings so near to us, with the next beautiful park up spot not too far away. Britain gets a bit of a hard rap sometimes, and Yorkshire folk certainly do (we’re hobbits but with accents like a foghorn), yet there’s so much beauty around our country if you know where to look for it. And it doesn’t matter that the weather gets bad. Don’t use the elements as a barrier; Micheal Jackson didn’t blame it on the sunshine did he, so you shouldn’t blame your lack of adventure on the rain or the snow.

Get out there and seek out a hidden forest glade, listen to the raindrops on the leaves above your head, crawl into a burrow with the local wildlife and proclaim yourself as their leader (ok, that last bit is probably just for Rose). You don’t necessarily have to jet off to another country to find life changing spots; Yorkshire is Gods own county after all, so head on down and grab yourself a miracle or a spinach florentine, both are always on offer.

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